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 Greg's Gm App

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PostSubject: Greg's Gm App   Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:50 pm

Name: Greg

Location, Timezone: Brooklyn, NY - EST

Age: 15 - 01/15/94


What you are applying for?: GM

How long are you on for?: A LOT, school is ending so i will have a lot of free time.

Why should we hire you? In other words, what sets you apart from everyone else hm?:

What would you do with a hacker, troublemaker, or peace disturberer!?: I would give them a warning by jailing them for 30 minutes. If they escape from jail or they do it again i will ban. Also if they use a hack like DeM hack i will auto ban because that is an unfair advantage to other players.

What are your hobbies/activities?: I like Baseball , Computer Games, and COD 5, GIRLS

What events would you run?: Exp Event ( If allowed ) - Make it 99999x exp for 60 seconds, Jump Quest

Summary of yourself: I don't lie so im pretty believable. I really hate when people start annoying me for things like 32k stat items, etc.... I have fun when its necessary and i am strict when its necessary.
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Greg's Gm App
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