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 xIaoBLurx's Gm App

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PostSubject: xIaoBLurx's Gm App   Fri Jun 19, 2009 5:24 pm

Name:XinYi[Chinese] Jinnie[English]

Experience:Been 1Admin 2Gms in other severs.I am VERY familiar with all the commands
such as, !warp [xIaoBlurx] [MapCode], !spawn [MobCode] and many more.
I also remember alot of map codes and monster codes as
i always do events often.I am very patient with people and would NEVER
ban a person just because he annoyed me.
I can play maple up to 5-8hrs a day.I am always free and available when
people needs me as i open my computer 24/7.The severs which i been in,
i had never broke any rules.If a person annoys me but when he/she needs
my help,i will help him/her,i will not ignore him/her as helping people is my
job as a gm.

Gms On Severs I have been in:

If I see a Hacker:If I see a hacker with my own eyes, i will ban him straight
away as hacking is not allowed in this sever.But If people PM me saying
that [name] is a hacker, i will HIDE than go to the hacker and check whether
he is hacking,if he is hacking,then its a straight ban for him.I will also
take screenshots of the hackers before i ban them because they might
deny and make a ban appeal.

Why Should i be a gm:I have a lot of friends which love to play maple private severs so i
can ask them to join this sever.I make events often to make people think that this
sever is a nice and fun sever,of cause, when i make Monster events i will not
spawn too many monsters at a time as it will cause serious lag to other players.
I will vote every 12hrs and tell my friends to vote and i am very confident
that my friends will vote even if they don't play, because voting is just a
thing that takes 10secs to do.When Im annoyed,i will AFK for awhile to cool
down myself so that i will not say any Bad comments/vulgarities to the person
whom annoyed me.I will DASH to the person who needs help straight away.
If i really cannot leave and go to the person who needs help, i will PM
the person and ask him/her whats the problem.I Will not scroll infront of players
as i know that some of them would uncontrollably ask me to scroll for them[abuse of powers].

What does Gm Mean to Me~:I think that being a GM does not mean that i am
different from other players because i have more power.I always think that
GM JOB is to help people and most importantly is to make people think that
We gms is there for them always to help them,to make
them happy and not to show off infront of them.A lot of people wants to be
GM because they think that having GM powers are fun and shows that
they are the biggest and people will respect them.But GM Jobs are
for those who are patient and tolerant as they need to deal with uncountable
problems.Those problems GMs deal with,makes them annoyed and angry,but
good GM[s] will tolerate and swallow their anger and continue to deal,solve the problems.
If a GM cannot be patient,he/she will one day uncontrollably ban the person
who annoyed him/her as him/her can no longer tolerate.GM[s] should let people
have a good impression on them.

Hope my app is accepted Very Happy
Thanks for the time used for reading
my app.
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PostSubject: Re: xIaoBLurx's Gm App   Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:47 am

not bad Smile
hope u get accepted
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xIaoBLurx's Gm App
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