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 Jesse's [GM/Video Director] Application

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PostSubject: Jesse's [GM/Video Director] Application   Mon Jun 22, 2009 1:43 pm

Jesse V. [Private for purposes]

Location, Timezone:
GMT -5 Eastern Daylight Time



Email: [Gaming email If you sent me a message please send me a message on here]

What you are applying for?:
Game Master / Video Advertiser If Wanted.

How long are you on for?:

It's Summer; I go on most of the time.

Why should we hire you? In other words, what sets you apart from everyone else hm?:

Well, I've had experience in 4 serveres; CoocalarkMS, KoyukiMS, AppleStory, & DewStory. I've also made my own server which got banned but; it was called VirusMS.

What would you do with a hacker, troublemaker, or peace disturberer!?:

Depends on the occasion. With a hacker; Immediate ban, cause I don't do hacker warnings. If they ruin the game for anyone else they should be banned.
With a trouble maker; starts with a jail then on to privileges that are taken away. Bans to me are for people who aren't disturbing the peace, but ruining it by hacking and doing it so after a person says i'll report you. Peace Disturber goes along the lines with trouble maker. I only take hackers more seriously.

What are your hobbies/activities?:

Well, I don't have any sports activities because of my heart condition. My hobbies are anything to do with music. I love music, it's just part of my lifestyle.

What events would you run?:
I'd run contests online; the regular Trivia, jump quests, & hide and seek events along with more events that'd I'd make up.

Summary of yourself:
I'm a teenager with many exceptions. I'm excluded from activities that deal with activeness. Later in the month of July I undergo heart surgery so i won't be doing anything outside for a while. I have a regular life other than that and I play maplestory mostly to make other people happy and to kill time. I've been playing 2 months after BETA testing. I know my Maplestory very well. My birthday is actually tomorrow so I'm excited for that and would be excited if I got this job.

--ALSO I am having trouble getting online when it says the server's online?
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Jesse's [GM/Video Director] Application
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